Second Opinion

Second opinion for your needs

The term second opinion helps patients to gain a broader perspective on their problem and to have more confidence in the received diagnosis.A second opinion can change the initial diagnosis or complete it, but this is not mandatory; often the second opinion will confirm the diagnosis previously received.

Second opinion

Because health is the most precious gift we have

Send imaging investigation for second opinion MRI or CT

Why you might need a second opinion

Diagnosis confirmation before starting treatment

You want to be sure you have the right diagnosis and are on the right track before starting treatment or having surgery.

The results are not clear

You received an ambiguous answer in your previous review that doesn’t answer your question or help you make a decision about what to do next. 

Your symptoms are complex

You want to make sure you have a correct diagnosis that reflects your symptoms. 

Symptoms do not go away

Although you have a diagnosis and you are receiving treatment, there is little or no improvement in your symptoms. 

You need an urgent answer

In some cases you might need an urgent answer that will help you decide the course of action. 

For your own peace

You want to be sure that everything is ok and you have nothing to be worried about.