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Welcome. I am Dr Cezar Bețianu and I hope that my website will provide you with useful information about interventional radiology, radiology and medical imaging, as well as their importance in diagnosing a condition and establishing an appropriate therapeutic plan.

Consultant radiology and medical imaging. Fellowship in Interventional Radiology.

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PET-CT in evaluarea tumorilor hepatice

About me

Your medical radiology and imaging specialist

Dr. Cezar Bețianu is a consultant in radiology and medical imaging with specialisation in interventional radiology. He also holds competence in senology. In 2005, he graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine of the "Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest. Afterwards he did two years of residency in Family Medicine and five years in Radiology and Medical Imaging.

In his professional activities Dr Cezar Bețianu performs a wide range of minimally invasive procedures in interventional radiology such as percutaneous biopsies, drainage or cryoablation. Dr Bețianu also performs imaging investigations such as CT, MRI, x-rays and ultrasounds.

Dr Betianu performed over 2000 imaging guided biopsy

Professional training in minimally invasive procedures under imaging guidance

To offer patients the least invasive methods of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of oncological conditions such as liver cancers or metastases.

To offer patients the least invasive methods of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of oncological conditions such as liver cancers or metastases.

Interventional radiology procedures offer the patient a lower level of postoperative pain, Low risk of complications, and a faster recovery. Using guided imaging, patients with liver cancer can benefit from therapeutic procedures such as cryoablation, chemoembolization and radioembolization.


Fellowship in Interventional Radiology, Germany

An extra speciality provides an additional level of knowledge and experience that can be used for the benefit of the patient.

Hepatic chemoembolization, Germany

A modern procedure for treating liver tumors representing an alternative for patients who have surgical contraindications.

Hepatic radioembolization, Germany

A type of radiation therapy used to treat liver cancer or cancer that has spread to the liver by combining embolization - blocking blood flow - with radiation therapy.

Oncosurgical strategies in hepato-bilio-pancreatic cancers, France

University diploma obtained at the hepato-biliary center, transplant and oncology center in Villejuif.

Medical services

Medical imaging and radiology

Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, computer tomography, radiographs;

Interventional radiology

Percutaneous biopsies, ablations, drainage, abdominal paracentesis, cryoablation, liver chemoembolization;


General ultrasounds, soft parts ultrasound, thyroid ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound;


Breast consultation for the diagnosis and treatment of malignant and benign breast conditions;

Second opinion

Reinterpretation of imaging investigations before or after starting treatment plan: MRI, CT;

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Second opinion

Dr Cezar Bețianu

The role of a radiology and medical imaging specialist is of paramount importance in diagnosing and recommending an appropriate treatment plan. With the ability to diagnose many conditions in their early stages, radiology and medical imaging save lives.

Interventional radiology

​​Interventional radiology – a subspecialty of radiology – is a way to diagnose cancers and other conditions without major surgical interventions, having first-line therapeutic indications in numerous diseases, using guided images to perform minimally invasive procedures.

Interventional radiology allows for safe and effective removal of samples from various organs (biopsy) for diagnostic purposes, as well as the removal of fluid build-up (drainage) from the body or blood clots as a result of cancer treatment.

Radiologie interventionala

Send your imaging investigation for a second medical opinion

Principles and values

Principles and values that guide me in my relationship with my patients

Compassion and understanding

Essential elements in my relationship with the patient. Because the patient is first of all human; a person who needs to be understood, to be supported and to know that s/he is not alone in the face of a hard diagnosis or in the fight against the disease.

The principle of equality

A fundamental right of each of us, to me equality means treating all my patients with the same dignity and responsibility by giving them access to my medical knowledge equally according to their individual needs.

Respect and professionalism

Respect and professionalism are essential components in my medical practice. It helps create a quality partnership with patients where they can express their needs without fear of being judged or ignored.

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