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Radiology and medical imaging

“I am passionate about radiology and medical imaging, as well as improving patient access to cutting-edge technology. Most investigations are painless and harmless, but their impact can be immediate, speeding up treatment or ensuring patients are healthy.”

Dr. Cezar Bețianu graduated from Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest in 2005. After seven years of residency, including five years of training in radiology and medical imaging, Dr. Bețianu became a specialist doctor in radiology and medical imaging, and later, a consultant. Dr Betianu completed professional training courses in interventional radiology with subspecialty components in interventional oncology.

Dr. Bețianu currently works as a radiology and medical imaging consultant in the Miliar Central Hospital, as well as in private hospitals. His role in medical imaging and interventional radiology at one of the largest public hospitals in Bucharest includes a wide range of imaging investigations (CT, MRI, ultrasound) for various organ systems, as well as a variety of endovascular and percutaneous procedures. Dr. Bețianu is particularly interested in the diagnosis and minimally invasive radiological treatment of cancers, especially in the hepatobiliary system (liver/gallbladder/pancreas).

In addition to his role at the Military Hospital, Dr. Bețianu is also active in private practice at the Top Doctors medical clinic, where he performs ultrasounds and interventional radiology procedures.

Second opinion

Dr Cezar Bețianu

National and international professional training and extensive clinical experience help me to provide patients with an early and accurate diagnosis, thus avoiding possible delays in confirming or excluding a disease.

Professional experience

Dr. Cezar Bețianu performs a wide range of interventional radiology techniques.

Dr. Bețianu has skills in general ultrasound, CT and MRI, medical radiology-imaging laboratory I.

2018- present

Consultant radiology and medical imaging

Central Military Emergency University Hospital, Dr. Carol Davila, Bucharest;


Collaborator radiology and medical imaging

Provita, Bucharest;


Collaborator radiology and medical imaging

Spitalul Oncofort, Gral Medical, Bucuresti; 


Specialist radiology and medical imaging

Central Military Emergency University Hospital, Dr. Carol Davila, Bucharest;


Resident radiology and medical imaging

Institutul Clinic Fundeni, Spitalul Universitar, Spitalul Militar 


Family medicine resident doctor

Institutul Clinic Fundeni, Spitalul Universitar, Spitalul Militar 

Where you find me

Clinica Top Doctors

0770 422 596
0729 217 402

Clinica Gral Medical


National and international certifications

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Expertiza clinica

17 + ani de experiență

Cu o experiență remarcabilă de peste 17 ani în radiologie și imagistică medicală, cu accent pe diagnosticul afecțiunilor oncologice, dr. Cezar Bețianu, a realizat mii de investigații imagistice, oferind un ajutor real pacienților în vederea obținerii unui diagnostic corect și detaliat.


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Competențe suplimentare

Activitate publicistica 

  • Coautor al cărții „Radiologie-imagistica medicală. Indrumator de studiu pentru pregătirea in specialitate” sub redacția Prof. Dr. Sorin M. Dudea;
  • Articol „Is transthoracic lung biopsy a safe procedure?” Februarie 2020, Medical Ultrasonography;
  • Articol „Mimickers of Lung Cancer: When Not to Perform a Pulmonary Biopsy-Case Reports’’ Internal Medicine 2019 Vol XVI No 5;
  • Articol „Primary hepatic mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma in a patient with no chronic liver disease: Case report” Radiology Case Reports Septembrie, 2017;

Speaker Conferinte 

  • Prezentare”Biopsia pulmonara percutanata, ghidata imagistic” Conferinta Societatii Romane de Chirurgie Toracica, 2018;
  • Prezentarea premiată „Ocluziile intestinale” îndrumator în cadrul Congresului Zilele Spitalului Universitar de Urgență Militar Central octombrie, 2015;
  • Prezentarea ”Tratamentul Multidisciplinar al Colectiilor Intraabdominale” în cadrul Congresului Zilele Spitalului Universitar de Urgență Militar Central octombrie, 2014;
  • Prezentarea ”Tratamentul endovascular ala anevrismelor aortei abdominale” in cadrul Congresului de Neuroradiologie si Radiologie Interventională Gura Humorului, 2012;
  • Prezentarea ” Aspecte Imagistice ale Neurocisticercozei”, Conferința Nationala de Imagistica Sectională Bran, 2009;