Second opinion request

Second opinion MRI and CT

Second opinion is a service offered to patients who want a quick and detailed written second medical report on their CT or MRI examinations. On this page you will find instructions on how you can request a second opinion from Dr Cezar Bețianu as well as information about payment. 

Specialist second opinion service for MRI or CT investigations

MRI second opinion from an experienced radiologist. With just a few steps, you can get a quick and easy MRI second opinion.

  • Dr Cezar Bețianu will analyse the images and issue a detailed, informative MRI second opinion report if possible, with the appropriate findings

Second opinion CT is an investment in your health! Regardless of the condition, second opinion CT might provide a different perspective.

Second opinion CT can be incredibly helpful. It can offer you reassurance, but also an alternative diagnosis or clarity on certain problems. 

Second opinion

Second opinion request

To obtain a second imaging opinion from Dr. Cezar Bețianu, the first step is to send the contents of the CD archived in .zip or .rar.

Careful! All the files included in the CD you received are required. Please do not send photos of the MRI/CT films as they are not relevant.

Instructions for second opinion imaging. Please read carefully!

Using the second opinion imaging service you can send us imaging investigations via we transfer. To be able to help you with a second medical opinion, please send us all the necessary information as follows:



Submit full MRI or CT imaging investigation;

Do not forget to specify the patient’s name and contact details;

Make sure your images are uploaded correctly by following the steps below:

a) Archive the entire contents of the MRI and/or CT examination CD/DVD into a .zip or .rar archive.

b) Use the we transfer service to upload and send the investigation to the following email address:

Making the payment

  • Contact us by email to obtain the bank details to make the payment;
  • The email address is

Send imaging investigation for second opinion MRI or CT

We transfer

Choose the “Take me free” option and then fill in the fields in the form as follows:

– “Upload folder” add the .zip or .rar file with the imaging investigations;

– enter Mr. Dr. Betianu’s e-mail;

– enter your e-mail to which you will receive the answer;

– add a message with a description of the medical problem you have and a phone number;

– press the “Transfer” button;

– you will receive an email with a code that you must add for verification. Don’t forget to check the spam section;

– if you have not received any code, press resend code;

– after entering the code, the file transfer will begin;

– if the file has been sent, you will receive a confirmation email;


In order to be able to upload the files, you must copy the contents of the CD received to a folder on your computer, which you can later archive in zip or rar format. Only the archived folder will be loaded on we transfer.

– save the contents of the CD in the computer;

– locate the file and right-click:

– choose the compress option for macbook and send to → compressed zip folder for windows;

– the resulting file will have the zip sign;